Friday, January 29, 2016

toco: DynamoDB-based user management for Django

I've been playing around a bit with Django websites lately, but I just can't stand relational databases.  I recognize that they're sometimes the right solution to a problem, but even the hosted solutions like AWS RDS add infrastructure overhead that managed NoSQL DBs like DynamoDB don't.  There are more creds to manage, annoying schemas to limit you, scaling pain that needs handled, all that jazz.  As such, I'm attempting to make a Django user management system based on DynamoDB.  I'm trying to make the underpinnings generic enough that it'll also be usable for other models, not just user auth and session management, but we'll see.

Repo is stevenorum/toco on GitHub.  Still very early on, just a couple basic things have been implemented so far, but hopefully it'll eventually be useful.

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